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If you want to add lots of great content from Article Dashboard to your Joomla! based website, Dual Browser is for you. With Dual Browser, you can quickly copy an article from the Article Dashboard site ( and add it as a new content item in a site powered by the popular Joomla! Content Management System ( Because Dual Browser is an actual web browser and not a script, you are not breaking the Article Dashboard Terms Of Service, and your browsing is indistiguishable from any other person using Internet Explorer. Using Dual Browser is easy. First, make sure you have set your default Joomla editor to No WYSIWYG Editor in the User Manager, then simply browse to the Ezine Ready Article on the Article Dashboard site in the top browser while creating a New Content Item in the bottom browser. Once you have the Ezine Ready Article loaded in the top browser, select the proper Section and Category in the bottom browser and clcik the XFer button. Save your new content item and congratulations! You're on your way to a content rich web site. Keyword and Description meta tags will be generated based on the Section, Category, keywords, and first paragraph of the article.

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